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.: Console and Recorders

MCI 500 "classic" 42 channel console with Diskmix automation
Pro Tools HD2 24 analog in 32 analog out, 16 digital in/out
MCI JH16 24 track 2inch tape recorder
Studer B67 1/4 inch 2 track with Dolby A/SR
Otari 2 track tape machine
PARIS 128 track digital
Logic 9 Mac computers
Apogee Big Ben word clock generator

.: Preamps and Processors

Manley Voxbox
Telefunken V72 tube preamp
Langevin Pultec type EQP1-A
BBE Sonic Maximiser
Roland Dimension D
Orban 642B/SX Paremetric EQ
The EQ Section (custom EQ)
TC vocal helicon

.: Reverbs and Delays

Lexicon 480L digital reverb
EMT 240 plate reverb
Lexicon 300 digital reverb
Yamaha Rev 5
Roland SRV 2000
Ibanez SDR 1000
Sony D7 delay
Roland SDE 1000 delay
Sound Workshop 242C spring reverb
Otari MX55 for tape echo

.: Compressors

Urie 1176LN blackface (E series)
Urie LA22
DBX 1066 , DBX 160 x 4
Focusrite green
Valley People Dynamite
TLA Audio Ivory tube
Optro 740, Orban 424 A
Yamaha GC2020B11
Inovonics 201 x 3
Drawmer DS 201 gates
LA Audio classic compressor
JBL Urie 7110 compressor x 2
DBX Project 1

.: Monitors and Power Amps

Tannoy AMS8 powered
Yamaha NS 10
Australian Monitor Opal 2802
Roland SPA 240
Fostex T20 headphones
Bryston amplifier
Pase Linear amplifier

.: Microphones

Nuemann U48 tube
Nuemann U67 tube
Nuemann U87
Nuemann FET 47
Nuemann KM84 x 2
AKG C60 tube
AKG C12B tube
Sennheizer 414
Sennheizer 412
Shure SM 57 x 2
Electro Voice RE 20 x 3

.: Rode Microphones

Rode Classic 11 tube
Rode K2 tube
Rode NTK
Rode NT5 pair
Rode NT4
Rode 2000
Rode NT3
Rode NT1-A
Rode NT2-A

.: Extras

Vox AC 30 guitar amp
Ampeg V4 guitar amp with quad box
Roland D50 keyboard
Roland R8 Drum machine
Roland JV880 sound module
Unitor 8 Midi