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effects rack

.: Console and Recorders

MCI 500 "classic" 42 channel console
Pro Tools 2022, Pro Tools native, 32 in 32 out. Pro Tools HD 32in 32 out
MCI JH16 24 track 2inch tape recorder
Ampex ATR 102 half inch 30ips
Studer B67 1/4 inch 2 track with Dolby A, DolbySR
Otari 2 track tape machine
PARIS 128 track digital
Logic Pro X

.: Preamps and Processors

Manley Voxbox
Telefunken V72 tube preamp
Langevin Pultec type EQP1-A

.: Compressors

Urie 1176LN blackface (E series)
DBX 160 x 4
TLA Audio Ivory tube
LA Audio classic compressor

.: Microphones

Nuemann U48 tube
Nuemann U87x2
Nuemann FET 47
Sennheiser 414
Sennheiser 412
Shure SM 57 x 2
Electro Voice RE 20 x 3
Rode NT5 pair
Rode NT4
Rode ribbon

.: Monitors and Power Amps

Tannoy Gold 8
Yamaha NS 10
Australian Monitor Opal 2802
Australian Monitor AMH2400